It was nearly a year ago when what is now Cardinal & Co. was put into action. We knew from the very beginning that we wanted to create an all inclusive home decor and gift shop, suitable for every family and home. We had spreadsheets and word documents full of ideas and products we wanted to create. What then became difficult was what we would name our brand. We wanted something with true meaning that touched us both. We new ‘home’ had the biggest influence on what we were about to start and wanted a way to incorporate it. After days of brainstorming and not having that feeling of “Yes! This is it”, we came across the Cardinal. While the Cardinal symbolizes many different things, there were a few that really stuck. The Cardinal represents Christianity; the foundation of our homes and families, Navigation; that no matter where we are or where we go we will always find our way home, and Memory; the symbolic presence of a loved one who has passed, a subtle reminder that family is always there. As if that wasn't enough to sell us on it, the Cardinal is the state bird for both Illinois and North Carolina, a tribute to our homes. We chose & Co. because without each other, our families, and all our supporters this dream of ours would have never been possible. 


Anna + Rachel